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Printed Ribbon / Silk Screen

Printed Cotton Canvas Labels - This is similar to twill tape, but has a different knit in the cotton giving it more of a "canvas" look and feel. The surface has more of a flat surface. This label is not quite as soft as the cotton twill however is still soft and 100% cotton. This type of label blends well with outdoor camping, hiking or hunting apparel. This label gives more of a rugged, rustic and country feel. Twill is more suitable for baby blankets or women wear. Printed Cotton Labels - In addition to printed cotton tapes, factories also offer printed cotton twill labels. These are soft and easy on the skin. They do absorb the ink plate application so fine text is not recommended. Great for colorful logos that you envision on a natural cotton background. or simple and natural with just the basic information. Printed Cotton Twill TapeĀ  Label Care Plus offers .25 ", .50 ", .75 " and 1" widths of tape for continuous roll form printed cotton tape. Their cotton twill is super soft and suitable for any garment...from baby blankets to golf shirts. You are only limited to your imagination for this clothing label trim. 1, 2, 3 or more colors? Not a problem. Printed Satin Label - printed satin clothing labels are excellent for fine, small or very detailed artwork and logos requiring sharp clarity. These printed labels are similar to a "silk screen" process where the logo or artwork is set up on plates and then the ribbon is run with the printing taking place on the poly satin ribbon. The ribbon is then cut, folded and packaged. If you require printed satin labels on a roll form, this can usually be offered too. These labels are great for lingerie, t-shirts or garments that require the softest label possible or fine clarity for an intricate logo.